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  1. 1_image.jpg
    Cognac Glass -25 cl
    From 37.00 CHF
    Liquor glass, 2 pieces.
  2. 1_Cognac-Glass-2-pcs-25-cl1.jpg
    Liqueur Glass -15 cl
    From 33.00 CHF
    Liquor glass, 2 pieces.
  3. 1_0112253_Profile_wf_product.jpg
    Grooves teak sideboard with 4 doors. Black-varnish color.
  4. 1_20212_N701_sofa_round_corner_beige_front_cut_web.jpg
    Beige rounded corner sofa module.
  5. 1_51537_Oak_Bok_black_bench_166w_side_cut_web.jpg
    Black oak bench.
    Design by Ethnicraft
    for Ethnicraft
  6. 1_60086_DC_lounge_chair_with_armrest_leather_olive_green_profile2_cut_web - Copie (2).jpg
    Fauteuil DC
    589.00 CHF
    DC armchair in olive green leather.
  7. 1_Vitra21_Flower4_SM (1).jpg
    Flower table
    From 615.00 CHF
    Steel table with epoxy finish.
    Design by Alexander Girard
    for Vitra
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As a partner of the most famous design brands such as Vitra, USM, Fritz Hansen, Cassina as well as the new Scandinavian brands HAY, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, Batiplus offers a wide range of products to enhance your interior.
Be inspired either digitally on our website or by visiting our 3'500m2 showroom, located near the motorway in Puidoux.


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