Mobile cabinets

  1. 1_116044-18_1.jpg
    360° Containers AC270
    From  968.00 CHF
    In stock
    Rangement à 10 tiroirs sur roulettes. Tube de liaison en aluminium, matériaux, ABS brillant.
    Konstantin Grcic
    Design by Konstantin Grcic
    for Magis
  2. 1_bouquet-magis-vase-fleur-design-contemporain-batiplus.jpg
    Bouquet rechargeable flower vase/ table lamp
    From  193.00 CHF
    In stock
    Lampe de table également vase à fleurs, En ABS moulé par injection Technologie LED, interrupteur tactile avec fonction de gradation. Chargement via câble USB-C à prise magnétique, alimentation non
    Design by Brogliato Traverso
    for Magis
  3. 1_Magis_360°_container_product_lateral_AC250_bordeaux_01_hr.jpg
    360° Containers
    From  545.00 CHF
    In stock
    Rangement à 5 tiroirs sur roulettes. Matériaux, ABS brillant, tube de liaison en aluminium.
    Konstantin Grcic
    Design by Konstantin Grcic
    for Magis
  4. 1_Caisson_roulant_01_USM_Haller_04.jpg
    Rolling box 01
    From  1,045.00 CHF
    Rolling pedestal 01 with one drawer A6 and one drawer A4. With integrated counterweight.
  5. 1_58016156un_14_f.jpg
    Mobil 2010
    From  777.00 CHF Regular Price  914.00 CHF
    In stock
    Elément de rangement sur roulettes. Structure en acier chromé, tiroirs et étagères en polyméthacrylate de méthyle (PMMA).
    Antonio Citterio
    Design by Antonio Citterio
    for Kartell
  6. 1_02012pr-1.jpg
    Mobil Mat
    From  707.00 CHF Regular Price  832.00 CHF
    Trolley on wheels. Painted steel structure. Drawers and shelves in recycled thermoplastic from industrial waste.
    Antonio Citterio
    Design by Antonio Citterio
    for Kartell
  7. 1_korpus2.jpg
    Corps de bureau2
    From  725.00 CHF
    Range of office bodies, high quality metal construction, robust, durable.
  8. 1_boxie-bxm_3c_ra-ra200(2)_low.jpg
    From  410.00 CHF
    Cabinet with 3 drawers on wheels.
  9. 1_mybox-avec-table-rabattable-fermee2.jpg
    From  693.00 CHF
    The personal all-rounder box - individual configuration, storage space and service.
    Design by Bigla Team
    for Bigla
  10. 1_Boxie-BXL_2C_VE-VE500(2)_low.jpg
    From  328.00 CHF
    Caisson avec 2 tiroirs sur roulettes.
  11. 1_con_Mobilcontainer_55465_Hi-Res TIF_738.jpg
    Storage caddy
     1,293.00 CHF
    Storage module on wheels.
    Design by sedus design team
    for Sedus
  12. 1_CH_QS_M26_26.jpg
    Desk body
    From  1,459.00 CHF
    Cabinet with three drawers.

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