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Haworth is one of the world's largest office furniture manufacturers that designs and produces solutions that help create inspiring office spaces.

  1. 1_comforto-29_task-model_2965.jpg
    From  535.79 CHF Catalog price  623.00 CHF
    Swivel chair on casters, with or without armrests.
  2. 1_Immerse_overlap_model_round_3927.jpg
    From  8,078.85 CHF Catalog price  9,394.00 CHF
    Meeting table system with multiple shapes, dimensions and heights. Immerse creates a microcosm of collaborative space.
  3. 1_Be_Hold-Element_model_cabinet_tambour_open.jpg
    From  515.14 CHF Catalog price  599.00 CHF
    Be_Hold is a complete storage program that offers a consistent and uniform construction concept for all models.
    Patricia Urquiola
    Design by Patricia Urquiola
    for HAWORTH
  4. 1_Intuity_model_bench_00.jpg
    From  2,117.32 CHF Catalog price  2,462.00 CHF
    Work tables, melamine top.
  5. 1_Lyft_desk_model_01.jpg
    From  1,763.86 CHF Catalog price  2,051.00 CHF
    Table system with height-adjustable table top with an extra-flat profile. Finishes and accessories according to a wide choice.

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