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  1. 1_L0880102_NEOTENIC_H26_cherry_3_RVB.jpg
    Neotenic H26
    From  420.00 CHF
    Table lamp in ceramic and glass.
    Design by Jumbo
    for Petite Friture
  2. 1_L0880201_NEOTENIC_H51_vermilion.jpg
    Neotenic H51
    From  735.00 CHF
    Table lamp in ceramic and glass.
    Design by Jumbo
    for Petite Friture
  3. 1_KID_40_round_base_black.jpg
    Symmetrical table lamp round base, aluminum structure, with power cable.
    Design by Kristof Pycke
    for Belux
  4. 1_KID_12_white_side.jpg
    kido lampadaire asymétrique
    From  1,847.00 CHF
    Black floor lamp, aluminum structure, with black power cable.
  5. 1_9781838665647_1.jpg
    Phaidon HAY boo
     46.00 CHF
    HAY Phaidon book.
  6. 2_flos-taccia-pmma-led-28w-table-lamp-anodized-aluminium.jpg
    Taccia (PMMA)
    From  1,753.00 CHF
    Table lamp with direct and indirect light, The aluminum reflector.
  7. 1_Cloud-XL_2700K.jpg
    Cloud suspension-XL
    From  2,412.00 CHF
    LED suspension in polyester fleece. Variable DALI. With transparent power cable.
    Frank Gehry
    Design by Frank Gehry
    for Belux
  8. 1_lifto_led_02_side_f_o_tisch.jpg
    Lifto LED
    From  641.00 CHF
    Table lamp arm, integrated LED, adjustable light intensity on the lamp.
    Note: Optional fixing elements (base or other) are required.
    Design by Benjamin Thut
    for Belux
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