1. 1_sohurce.jpg
    EARTH 45 Creator's edition
    From  2,250.00 CHF
    Wall clock, designer edition.
  2. 1_Q2T_frontal_Steel_FR_print.jpg
    EARTH 13.5 Full Metal
    From  765.00 CHF
    Table clock, brushed stainless steel body.
  3. 1_qlocktwo_touch_pure_blue_candy_side_fr_30x30_print.jpg
    EARTH 13.5 Pure
    From  525.00 CHF
    In stock
    Table clock, white body and acrylic glass.
  4. 1_zQ2C_HAZELNUT_SIDE_FR.jpg
    Earth 45 Powder coated
    From  1,650.00 CHF
    Wall clock in stainless steel, matt powder coated.
  5. 1_QLOCKTWO_TOUCH_CE_SILVER_GOLD_side_FR_30x30cm_print.jpg
    EARTH 13.5 Creator's Edition
    From  1,130.00 CHF
    Table clock, designer's edition.
  6. 1_qlocktwo-touch-deep-black-side-de-web-1200px_1.jpg
    Table clock, brushed aluminium body, black coating, black stand.
  7. 1_StainlessSteel_FR.jpg
    EARTH 45 Stainless Steel
    From  1,799.99 CHF Regular Price  1,800.00 CHF
    Wall clock in brushed stainless steel.
  8. 1_11.jpg
    From  273.00 CHF
    ABS cuckoo clock. Battery-powered.
    Naoto Fukasawa
    Design by Naoto Fukasawa
    for Magis
  9. 1_air_du_temps.jpg
    Air du Temps
    From  133.31 CHF Regular Price  155.00 CHF
    Clock on stand.
    Eugeni Quitllet
    Design by Eugeni Quitllet
    for Kartell
  10. 1_Capturefran.jpg
    Earth 45 Velvet
    From  1,990.00 CHF
    Wall clock, velvet fabric face.
  11. 1_QLOCKTWO_LARGE_HAZELNUT_Frontal_FR_30x30cm_print.jpg
    EARTH 90 Powder coated
    From  7,170.00 CHF
    Wall clock in powder-coated stainless steel.
  12. 1_QLOCKTWO_LARGE_CE_GOLD_frontal_FR_30x30cm_print.jpg
    Earth 90 Creator's Edition
    From  8,770.00 CHF
    Wall clock, designer edition.

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