100 years of Danish design.

Eva Solo, with over 100 years of Danish design, creates furniture accessories and kitchen utensils characterised by aesthetics, functionality and quality.



  1. 1_503045-drinking-bottle-rquartz-1-1920x886.jpg
    From  30.00 CHF
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    Bottle in resistant BPA-free plastic.
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    Mini dispenser of disinfectant gel in metalized plastic, nylon thread. Easy to refill.
  3. 1_presse-ail-eva_solo.jpg
    Garlic press
    From  105.00 CHF
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    Garlic press with glass container.
  4. 1_502785_Nordic_kitchen_bowl_HIGH.jpg
    Nordic kitchen bowl
    From  16.00 CHF
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    Nordic bowl in porcelain stoneware.
  5. 1_carafe-a-decanter-support-fraicheur-eva-solo.jpg
    Decanter with cooling element
    From  130.00 CHF
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    Decanter with cooling element.
  6. 1_gt-minihakker.jpg
    Green tool mini hachoir
    From  60.00 CHF
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    Mini chopper green tool in stainless steel.
  7. 1_501044 Espresso tumbler Marble grey.jpg
    Coffee cup
    From  26.00 CHF
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    Coffee cup with a rubber coating, set of two.
  8. 1_502755_Nordic_kitchen_tea_pot_lige_paa_High_040417.jpg
    Nordic Kitchen teapot
    From  66.00 CHF
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    Sandstone teapot, capacity 1L.
  9. 1_-stone-flower-pot-16cm-1-1920x886.jpg
    Pot à fleurs Stone
    From  66.00 CHF
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  10. 1_530690-waste-bin-bag-3-1920x886.jpg
    Recycling garbage can bag 28L.
  11. 1_530721 Smart mat Gravity grey vinkel.jpg
    From  52.00 CHF
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    Stand for smartphone or tablet. Can also be used as a table-mat.
  12. 1_removebg-preview.jpg
    Set aus 4 flachen Tellern Legio nova
    From  144.00 CHF
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    Set of 4 porcelain dinner plates with attractive design and border pattern. Suitable for freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher.
    Design by LEGIO NOVA
    for Eva Solo

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