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  1. 1_1em-101_103_3110_7102_Atlantic_60025_V_Hi-Res TIF_17183.jpg
    From 579.00 CHF
    Swivel chair.
    Design by Carlo Shayeb
    for Sedus
  2. 1_891.jpg
    Tweet 891
    From 270.00 CHF
    In stock
    Chair with a polypropylene shell. Central base in pressure-moulded aluminium with castors and gas lift mechanism.
    Marc Sadler
    Design by Marc Sadler
    for Pedrali
  3. 1_sillas-oficina-stay-gallery-6.jpg
    From 784.00 CHF
    Versatile chair. Fabric upholstery according to choice. 5-star base with casters. With armrests.
    Design by Marcelo Alegre
    for Actiu
  4. 1_697351_Soft_Pad__Olive_4077_FS_master.jpg
    EA 219 Soft Pad Chair
    From 4,152.00 CHF Regular Price 4,370.00 CHF
    In stock
    Seat with armrests, high backrest. Swivel, five-star base on castors.
    Design by Charles & Ray Eames
    for Vitra
  5. 1_comforto-29_task-model_2965.jpg
    From 593.00 CHF
    Swivel chair on casters, with or without armrests.
  6. 1_sillas-oficina-tnk-500-gallery-37.jpg
    TNK 500
    From 932.00 CHF
    Versatile chair. Fabric upholstery according to choice. 5-star base with casters. Without armrests.
    Design by Marcelo Alegre
    for Actiu
  7. 1_12.jpg
    Flex Corporate
    From 718.00 CHF
    Armchair with armrests. Pivoting central base with an auto-returning system in polished aluminium. (At an additional cost: parallel seams and covered armrests).
  8. 1_52.jpg
    Flex Corporate
    From 745.00 CHF
    Office chair with armrests. Five-spoke star base with wheels.
  9. 1_su-102_2203-110_7103_6036_3314_F63016_Hi-Res TIF_8888.jpg
    Swing up - office chair
    From 1,360.00 CHF
    Office chair.
    Design by Rüdiger Schaack
    for Sedus
  10. 1_andreu world flex executive si1858_1.jpg
    Flex Executive
    From 1,045.00 CHF
    Chair, high backrest with padded seat shell on castors, height adjustable and swivelling on 5-spoke castors.
  11. 1_1lc-202_2203-110_2800_06S_V_Hi-Res TIF_13091.jpg
    From 2,061.00 CHF
    Swivel chair.
    Design by Judith Daur
    for Sedus
  12. 1_MALMÖ_397_FR_F03_04.jpg
    Malmö 397
    From 488.00 CHF
    Ash wood chair, plywood shell covered with leather, with armrests.

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