The Made in Italy art in matter shaping.

For over 30 years Desalto has been manufacturing aesthetically sophisticated products based on constant technical and technological research.


  1. 1_desalto_still-life_sistemi_sail-system_6.jpg
    Sail System
    From 1,228.00 CHF
    Bookcase with flat steel structure and steel shelves.
    The pantograph-shaped structure allows free positioning on the wall to meet aesthetic and space requirements.
    The library is equipped with 5 removable metal bookends.

    Price from: for module 301 A01 Version with built-in unidirectional castor base, available with or without shelf in the heights.
    Caronni & Bonanomi
    Design by Caronni & Bonanomi
    for Desalto
  2. 1_desalto_still-life_sistemi_hang_2.jpg
    From 308.00 CHF
    Extruded aluminium shelf system. Two grooves (one on the upper part and the other on the lower part) allow the accessories to be positioned freely.

    Price from: for single wall shelf L80cm.
    Design by Claudio Caramel
    for Desalto
  3. 1_riga.jpg
    Riga 545
    From 151.00 CHF
    Stackable chair made of polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre moulded by air moulding.
    Design by Pocci / Dondoli
    for Desalto
  4. 1_desalto_still-life_sedute_sand_6(4).jpg
    Sand 447
    From 303.00 CHF
    Stackable chair with polypropylene seat and backrest with glass added. Some finishes are available for outdoor use.
    Design by Jacob Pringiers
    for Desalto
  5. 1_paper-hr-18-03se-n-pap001-2-3-b-arcit18.jpg
    Paper 542
    From 637.00 CHF
    Polypropylene chair with solid oak structure.
    Design by Cristian Gori
    for Desalto
  6. 1_desalto_still-life_sedute_288_3.jpg
    From 275.00 CHF
    Stackable nylon chair. Moulded with Air Moulding technology, ideal for outdoor use.
    Design by Pocci / Dondoli
    for Desalto
  7. 1_desalto_still-life_tavoli_clay_12.jpg
    Clay Indoor 697
    From 3,978.00 CHF
    Table with rigid polyurethane base completely coated with a compound of marble powder mixed with resin, applied manually.
    Design by Marc Krusin
    for Desalto
  8. 1_desalto.jpg
    Table 25
    From 3,281.00 CHF
    Table with 25mm top in various finishes. Steel base 25x25mm.
  9. 1_desalto_still-life_sistemi_booxx_1.jpg
    Mini Boox
    From 1,142.00 CHF
    Bookcase with flat steel structure and steel shelves.

    Design by Denis Santachiara
    for Desalto
  10. 1_desalto_tavoli_helsinki-30_GALLERY_03.jpg
    Helsinki 30 Home
    From 606.00 CHF
    Table with steel structure and die-cast joints.
    Caronni & Bonanomi
    Design by Caronni & Bonanomi
    for Desalto
  11. 1_desalto_still-life_sistemi_armida_1.jpg
    From 1,522.00 CHF
    Custom library.
    Price from: for 5 shelves and 2 uprights.

    Modular bookcase system with steel uprights available in two versions: upright with wall mounting and floor/ceiling upright. Shelves in sheet metal or grey Europa glass. Storage unit with frame and hinged door in lacquered MDF.
    Caronni & Bonanomi
    Design by Caronni & Bonanomi
    for Desalto
  12. 1_desalto_20hr_ta_s_four_006.jpg
    From 5,063.00 CHF
    Table with 10 mm thick laser-cut steel structure with integrated extension with 180° rotation. Top and extension in 25 mm thick wood. Sliding system on aluminium guides.
    Gordon Guillaumier
    Design by Gordon Guillaumier
    for Desalto

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