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From the province of Udine in Italy, Fantoni is an industrial group that is more than a century old. Through its diversified activities, Fantoni has many years of expertise in terms of acoustic panels. This has naturally led the group to develop acoustic partitioning solutions for the office environment.

  1. 1_quaranta5_p32.jpg
    From 6,499.00 CHF
    A particular solution designed for a large multinational company becomes a serial product. This storage unit facilitates the exchange of information, preserves privacy and optimizes the space available.
    Price from: composition according to first image, 4 benchs with separators (indicative).
  2. 1_b_hub-office-workstation-fanTONI.jpg
    From 4,185.00 CHF
    Operational desktop system.
    Price from: for composition according to the first image (indicative).
    Design by Matteo Ragni
    for Fantoni
  3. 1_acousOKOK.jpg
    Acoustic room
    From 12,031.00 CHF
    A temporary workstation equipped with a desk, a smart room for videoconferencing or a rest area with a high table and stools. Acoustic Room opens up many possibilities of use, always with optimal habitability and acoustic comfort inside.
    Price from: for room size mini.
  4. 1_acousticpanelling00055 Copie Copie.jpg
    Acoustic Panel Cloud
    From 418.00 CHF
    Suspended panel system, characterized by indistinct and customizable shapes.
    Design by Eri Goshen
    for Fantoni
  5. 1_AcoustiPASSEPARTOUT.jpg
    Acoustic Panel L45
    From 393.00 CHF
    Modular system composed of panels of different sizes and types of drilling or milling.
    Design by Eri Goshen
    for Fantoni
  6. 1_framework p32_p33 (1).jpg
    Framework 2.0
    From 1,360.00 CHF
    Personal lockers for documents and mail, dynamic cabinets to transport to and from your office, book shelves with a meeting point, single or double workstations.
    Price from: for composition according to the first image (indicative).
  7. 1_multipliceo p46.jpg
    From 5,273.00 CHF
    Functionality and elegance take on a unique form. The free composition of the tops, legs and wall cabinets gives rise to countless solutions in which leather adds an exclusive touch of prestige.
    Price from: according to the composition of the first image (indicative).
  8. 1_ATELIER.jpg
    From 14,278.00 CHF
    Collaborative furniture solution.
    Price from: composition according to first image (indicative).

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