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  1. 1_Adam Wood.jpg
    Adam Wood
    From 1,970.00 CHF Regular Price 2,189.00 CHF
    In stock
    Painted steel shelf and curved wooden shelves. 5 shelves, 2 posts.
    Philippe Starck
    Design by Philippe Starck
    for Kartell
  2. 1_MAGIC-CUBE-BAR-S-YOMEI-314820-rela4b09c5c (1).jpg
    Magic Cube Bar S
    From 7,473.00 CHF
    Secretary with various storage and accessories included.

    - LED backlit mirror in the back panel with glass top in front 37 x 12 x 1 cm
    - 4 mm thick tempered safety glass bottom on leather shelf
    - integrated triple socket
    - leather extension tablet
    - inner width 56 cm/ inner height 60 cm
    - Concealed wiring on the left side through the frame.
    Design by André Schelbach
    for Yomei
  3. 1_2_601005_onestepup_low.jpg
    One Step Up Bookcase Low
    From 294.40 CHF Regular Price 368.00 CHF
    In stock
    Bookcase in ashwood and steel.
  4. 1_600542_jalousi_cabinet_high_darkgreen_1.jpg
    Jalousi Cabinet High
    From 1,556.80 CHF Regular Price 1,946.00 CHF
    In stock
    Storage furniture in oak and MDF, with plastic doors.
  5. 1_magic cube bar l_04.jpg
    Magic Cube Bar L
    From 11,997.00 CHF
    Furniture, bar with layout according to choice. Various options and finishes available.
    Design by André Schelbach
    for Yomei
  6. 1_Easy irony montant.jpg
    Amount of the easy irony console.
    Maurizio Peregalli
    Design by Maurizio Peregalli
    for Zeus
  7. 1_600993_jet_shelf_80cm_black_1.jpg
    Jet Shelf 80 cm
    From 147.20 CHF Regular Price 184.00 CHF
    In stock
    Lacquered aluminium shelf.
  8. 1_Be_Hold-Element_model_cabinet_tambour_open.jpg
    From 515.00 CHF
    Be_Hold is a complete storage program that offers a consistent and uniform construction concept for all models.
    Patricia Urquiola
    Design by Patricia Urquiola
    for HAWORTH
  9. Jet Shelf 160 cm
    Jet Shelf 160 cm
    From 306.40 CHF Regular Price 383.00 CHF
    In stock
    Lacquered aluminium shelf.
  10. 1_vados_storage-model_01.jpg
    From 367.00 CHF
    The wide variety of desks, sliding door, hinged door or curtain door cabinets offers new opportunities to rethink the design and layout of workspaces and optimize storage areas.
  11. 1_desalto_still-life_sistemi_helsinki-sistema_4.jpg
    Helsinki System
    From 1,081.00 CHF
    Modular library system with square-section tubular steel structure, die-cast joints and folded sheet steel shelves.
    The optional folders can be freely fixed on the back of the library. Adjustable stainless steel feet.

    Caronni & Bonanomi
    Design by Caronni & Bonanomi
    for Desalto

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