The Italian culture of open-air living.

EMU is an Italian manufacturer with more than sixty years of experience in the design furniture sector. The product range, including seats, lounge chairs, tables, sun loungers, sofas and accessories, are available in various materials.

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  1. 1_161-16.jpg
    Star 161
    From 153.00 CHF Regular Price 162.00 CHF
    In stock
    Varnished steel chair with a slatted seat and backrest.
    Design by EMU
    for EMU
  2. 1_307 Star 60.jpg
    Star 307
    From 703.00 CHF Regular Price 740.00 CHF
    In stock
    Varnished aluminium rectangular table.
    Design by EMU
    for EMU
  3. 1_165-75-1.jpg
    From 357.00 CHF Regular Price 376.00 CHF
    In stock
    Armchair with armrests in painted steel and hot galvanized painted steel.
    Design by EMU
    for EMU
  4. 1_533-37-64-1.jpg
    Yard 533
    From 377.00 CHF Regular Price 397.00 CHF
    In stock
    Stool with a varnished aluminium frame. Elastic strap seat. With footrest.
    Stefan Diez
    Design by Stefan Diez
    for EMU
  5. 1_162-71.jpg
    Star 162
    From 168.00 CHF Regular Price 177.00 CHF
    Varnished steel armchair with a slatted seat and backrest.
    Design by EMU
    for EMU
  6. 1_524 Darwin 22.jpg
    Darwin 524
    From 339.00 CHF Regular Price 356.00 CHF
    Lounge armchair in varnished steel.
    Lucidi / Pevere
    Design by Lucidi / Pevere
    for EMU
  7. 1_0125_C711_300-10_pRlRJU_770x655.jpg
    C/711 magnetic cushion
    From 42.00 CHF Regular Price 44.00 CHF
    Magnetic round cushion.
    Design by Chiaramonte / Marin
    for EMU
  8. 1_331-17.jpg
    Arc en Ciel 331
    From 280.00 CHF Regular Price 295.00 CHF
    Rectangular folding table in varnished steel.
    Design by EMU
    for EMU
  9. 1_314-16.JPG
    Arc En Ciel 314
    From 95.00 CHF Regular Price 99.00 CHF
    Varnished steel folding chair.
  10. 1_small527 darwin 22.jpg.jpg
    Darwin 527
    From 722.00 CHF Regular Price 759.00 CHF
    2 seater sofa. Varnished steel frame.
    Lucidi / Pevere
    Design by Lucidi / Pevere
    for EMU
  11. 1_465 Round 41.jpg
    Round 465
    From 208.00 CHF Regular Price 219.00 CHF
    Chair in braided steel.
    Christophe Pillet
    Design by Christophe Pillet
    for EMU
  12. 1_526 Darwin 22.jpg
    Darwin 526
    From 373.00 CHF Regular Price 392.00 CHF
    Table basse en acier vernis.
    Lucidi / Pevere
    Design by Lucidi / Pevere
    for EMU

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