1. 1_Luxembourg_Petitetablebasse_REGLISSE.jpg.jpg
    Luxembourg 4160
    From  224.00 CHF
    In stock
    Varnished aluminium low table. May also be used as a foot stool.
    Frédéric Sofia
    Design by Frédéric Sofia
    for Fermob
  2. 1_8120511009000_Palissade Ottoman anthracite Copie.jpg
    Palissade Ottoman
    From  311.52 CHF Regular Price  354.00 CHF
    Coffee table in powder coated steel.
  3. 1_surprising-repose-pieds-miel.jpg
    From  134.00 CHF
    Footrest with wire structure and laser-cut steel sheet. Built-in footrest under the low chair.
  4. 1_975-41-300_93.jpg
    Ciak 975
    From  228.80 CHF Regular Price  260.00 CHF
    Repose-pieds pliable avec structure en aluminium vernis et tissu Emu-Tex.
    Stefan Diez
    Design by Stefan Diez
    for EMU

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