Adjustable desks

  1. 1_Montana_QS_HL2_G160_Micro Laminate_Snow_frame Aluminium_perspective.jpg
    HiLow 2
    From 1,861.00 CHF
    Work table, height adjustable, T-frame. Powder-coated steel base.
  2. 1_CH_QS_T6_02.jpg
    Kitos M table
    From 2,638.00 CHF
    Rectangular table mechanically adjustable in height.
  3. 1_bst2_stromlos_weiss_mit_laptop Copie.jpg
    Table BST2 Sit-stand up
    From 1,953.00 CHF
    Ergonomic work guaranteed - with this ergonomic pro, electrically or manually height adjustable.
    Price from: for electric table 120x80 cm
    Design by Bigla Team
    for Bigla
  4. 1_Lyft_desk_model_01.jpg
    From 1,887.00 CHF
    Table system with height-adjustable table top with an extra-flat profile. Finishes and accessories according to a wide choice.

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