A philosophy of life.

At the heart of Andreu World's philosophy is wood, because there is no other material that is so unique, warm and noble. Working with wood is a philosophy in itself, it is a way of relating to the world. Over time, the brand has sought to maintain this quality in all their creations, regardless of the materials and technology used.

  1. 1_Andreu World  SAIL SI1245_12.jpg
    Sail SI-1245
    From 139.00 CHF
    In stock
    Chair with an thermopolymer frame, seat, and backrest.
  2. 1_Andreu World Flex Executive SO1845_1.jpg
    Flex Executive
    From 1,138.00 CHF
    Intermediate backrest chair with padded shell and four-spoke aluminium swivel base with automatic return.
  3. 1_andreu world flex executive si1839_1.jpg
    Flex Executive
    From 899.00 CHF
    Intermediate back chair with padded shell and four-spoke aluminium swivel base with automatic return.
  4. 1_nuez-lounge-bio-.jpg
    Nuez Lounge Bio
    From 2,244.00 CHF
    Armchair with high backrest, with shell in thermo-polymer Bio upholstered and central swivel base in solid ash, including reclining mechanism.
  5. 1_nuez-loungz-bio.jpg
    Nuez Lounge Bio
    From 2,058.00 CHF
    Chair with high backrest, with bio-upholstered thermo-polymer shell and 4 aluminum swivel base. Includes: tilt mechanism.
  6. 1_andreu world nuez so2772_5.jpg
    Armchair with upholstered thermo-polymer seat and backrest and 4-star aluminium swivel base with automatic return and polished aluminium finish, white or black.
  7. 1_coussin.jpg
    Cushion for armchair.
  8. 1_Andreu World  Valeria SI7521_1.jpg
    Valeria SI-7521
    From 612.00 CHF
    Stackable chair with an upholstered seat and backrest, and a solid oak frame.
  9. 1_bq1312_3.jpg
    Flex Chair
    From 347.00 CHF
    Stackable stool with steel sled base. Seat and backrest in thermo-polymer.
  10. 1_andreu world flex chair si1306_17.jpg
    Flex Chair
    From 471.00 CHF
    Chair with central aluminium swivel base with 5 castors, height adjustment and aluminium finish. Seat and backrest in thermo-polymer.
  11. 1_andreu world flex chair_bq1335_1.jpg
    Flex Chair
    From 389.00 CHF
    Extra stool with thermo-polymer shell and four-foot swivel base in steel.

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