Solutions for the office of the future.

Sedus is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of modular office furniture and ergonomic seating, bringing modern and timeless quality to the office environment.

  1. 1_se-screens_Intro.jpg
     394.00 CHF
    Separation panel.
  2. 1_tem_Titel_Hi-Res TIF_9130.jpg
    Temptation four
     539.00 CHF
    Multifunctional work table.
    Design by Andreas Struppler
    for Sedus
  3. 1_1lc-202_2203-110_2800_06S_V_Hi-Res TIF_13091.jpg
    From  2,061.00 CHF
    Swivel chair.
    Design by Judith Daur
    for Sedus
  4. 1_nw-233_8002_100_M3H_43F_Hi-Res TIF_1893.jpg
     551.00 CHF
    Visiting chair.
    Design by Michael Kläsener
    for Sedus
  5. 1_zVariante_tem_st.jpg
    Storage system.
    Design by Sedus Design Team
    for Sedus
  6. 1_up-233_7202_8002_109_001_Hi-Res TIF_8150.jpg
    Open up
    From  890.00 CHF
    Visiting chair.
    Design by Mathias Seiler
    for Sedus
  7. 1_se_joy_weiss_sand_ohne_armlehnen.jpg
    SeJoy 2
    From  597.00 CHF
    Swivel chair, without armrests. 5-spoke light grey polypropylene base with castors. Height adjustment via gas cartridge. Seat and backrest upholstered in mesh netting.
  8. 1_eb-100_2203_109_3314_41E_Hi-Res TIF_7080.jpg
    Early bird
     600.00 CHF
    Swivel chair.
    Design by Michael Kläsener
    for Sedus
  9. 1_vs-413_A65037_A_Hi-Res TIF_9377.jpg
    From  1,045.00 CHF
    Element of visual separation.
    Design by speziell®
    for Sedus

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