1. 1_inumbra-socle-a-ro.jpg
    From  4,839.00 CHF
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    Round parasol with a Ø6.4 cm round leg. Made with a high-tech polyester fabric, with a stainless steel stand. Cover included.
    Dirk Wynants
    Design by Dirk Wynants
    for Extremis
  2. 1_alexo_round_403.jpg
    Alexo Ø 200 sans volant
    From  415.00 CHF
    Sunshade with 10 pieces of lacquered ash wood, pole Ø 30 mm. The ALEXO® ball and socket with gear ring is made of nickel-plated brass. The whales are made of fiberglass. Available with or without steering wheel, model without steering wheel reinforced with leather corners 2 sizes available. Canvas color according to choice. Base and other accessories in addition.
    Design by Albert Glatz junior
    for Glatz
  3. 1_FATBOY_Miasun_03_Azur_JPG-RGB.jpg
    From  142.00 CHF Regular Price  149.00 CHF
    Portable cotton beach tent. Aluminium rods and sardines included.
  4. 1_1hopper-shade05.jpg
    Hopper shade
    From  4,455.90 CHF Regular Price  4,951.00 CHF
    Outdoor shade sail in high-tech polyester fabric. Stainless steel AISI 304 masts. Cover included. Concrete stand or other fastening system non included.
    Dirk Wynants
    Design by Dirk Wynants
    for Extremis
  5. 1_image (57).jpg
    From  1,585.00 CHF
    Square umbrella with 8 natural anodized aluminum ribs. Counter-rotating opening principle for easy opening. Without led.
  6. 1_sensu-single-square-extremis-573085-rel2bca8f9.jpg
    From  4,789.00 CHF
    Refined rotating and eccentric swivel garden umbrella made of acrylic
    Dirk Wynants
    Design by Dirk Wynants
    for Extremis
  7. 1_ambiente_round_679.jpg
    From  6,300.00 CHF
    Umbrella with 8 powder coated aluminum ribs.
  8. 1_image (34).jpg
    Piazzino 173 00 300 751
    From  895.00 CHF
    8-piece plane tree umbrella with hardwood (ash) frame. Acrylic canvas.
  9. 1_Inumbrina-7.jpg
    Inumbrina 380
    From  3,458.00 CHF
    Round parasol, Ø4.8 cm round stand.
    Dirk Wynants
    Design by Dirk Wynants
    for Extremis
  10. 1_image _rond(23).jpg
    From  275.00 CHF
    Umbrella with 6 aluminum ribs. Stepless height adjustment. Tilting by means of the tilting ball joint.
  11. 1_pendalexp_round_521.jpg
    Pendalex® P+
    From  3,045.00 CHF
    Parasol with profiled pole, aluminum pole and free arm with integrated gas lift.
  12. 1_stahlsockel_z_40kg.jpg
    Steel base Z - 40 kg
    From  526.00 CHF
    Galvanized steel base.

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