Conference tables

  1. 1_t_up_desk_hero.jpg
    From 353.00 CHF
    T_up is a wide range of modular office furniture offering multiple customised design solutions. Its wide choice of platforms, structures, connecting elements and extensions makes T_up workspaces adaptable, efficient and functional.
  2. 1_Planes_page08_01.jpg
    From 1,314.00 CHF
    Table with base mounted on castors. Planes offers a wide range of aesthetic options, both in terms of materials and configurations.
  3. 1_Table move3.jpg
    Table Move3
    From 743.00 CHF
    A classic 4-legged table that flatters the eye with its elegance and sobriety.
    Design by Bigla Team
    for Bigla
  4. 1_lean-normal-b.jpg
    Table Lean
    From 1,202.00 CHF
    Work table with 4mm compact laminate top. Table length up to 280 cm.
    Design by Richard Wassmann
    for Bigla
  5. 1_bm-432_C11_110_H_Hi-Res TIF_6905.jpg
    From 833.00 CHF
    Meeting, seminar and conference table.
    Tray can be retracted by a folding mechanism.
  6. 1_Intuity_model_bench_00.jpg
    From 887.00 CHF
    Table system with height-adjustable table top with an extra-flat profile. Finishes and accessories according to a wide choice.
  7. 1_Immerse_overlap_model_round_3927.jpg
    From 8,943.00 CHF
    Meeting table system with multiple shapes, dimensions and heights. Immerse creates a microcosm of collaborative space.
  8. 1_desalto.jpg
    Table 25
    From 3,478.00 CHF
    Table with 25mm top in various finishes. Steel base 25x25mm.
  9. 1_02.jpg
    About a Table / AAT 20
    From 893.00 CHF Regular Price 939.00 CHF
    Table with 3 legs aluminum structure.
    Design by Hee Welling & Hay
    for HAY
  10. 2_979_1_1.jpg
    Essay CM42
    From 4,967.00 CHF
    Table with a solid wood top.
    Cecilie Manz
    Design by Cecilie Manz
    for Fritz Hansen
  11. 1_CH_QS_T69_06.jpg
    Table 175
    From 1,050.00 CHF
  12. 1_CH_QS_T59_02.jpg
    Table 150
    From 951.00 CHF

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