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  1. 1_02012pr-1.jpg
    Mobil Mat
    From 671.00 CHF Regular Price 746.00 CHF
    In stock
    Folding trolley on wheels. Nylon top with scratch-resistant glass-fibre reinforced nylon. Painted steel structure.
    Antonio Citterio
    Design by Antonio Citterio
    for Kartell
  2. 1_58016156un_14_f.jpg
    Mobil 2010
    From 795.00 CHF Regular Price 883.00 CHF
    In stock
    Storage element on castors. Chrome-plated steel structure, drawes and shelves in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).
    Antonio Citterio
    Design by Antonio Citterio
    for Kartell
  3. 1_CH_QS_M29.25.jpg
    From 941.00 CHF
    Sideboard with flap door.
    Design by Produit inexistant
    for USM
  4. 1_WOGG-59-002_Bigboard_FG_002_schwarz.jpg
    WOGG 59 59-002
    From 4,523.00 CHF
    Sideboard with two levels. Choice of finishes.
    Design by Benny Mosimann
    for WOGG
  5. 1_meuble-tabouret-mt750-tolix-.jpg
    MT750 cabinet stool
    From 514.00 CHF
    Open shelving unit with 2 shelves.
    Design by Frédéric Gaunet
    for Tolix
  6. 1_WOGG-17_Ellipsetower_FG_002_weiss_weiss.jpg
    WOGG 17 17-002
    From 1,605.00 CHF
    Elliptic storage furniture on castors.
    Design by Benny Mosimann
    for WOGG
  7. 1_CH_QS_M22_30.jpg
    Occasional furniture
    From 332.00 CHF
    Open side piece of furniture.
  8. 1_CH_QS_M20_23.jpg
    Furniture E
    From 2,800.00 CHF
    Piece of furniture with two flap doors, sliding intermediate drawers, integrated light and USB charger, including wall anchor.

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