1. 1_20000048hr_14_f.jpg
    Bubble Club 6050
    From 896.00 CHF Regular Price 996.00 CHF
    2 seater sofa in batch-dyed polyethylene.
    Philippe Starck
    Design by Philippe Starck
    for Kartell
  2. 1_20000156xc_14_r.jpg
    Uncle Jack 6400
    From 1,367.00 CHF Regular Price 1,519.00 CHF
    Sofa in single-mould transparent polycarbonate.
    Philippe Starck
    Design by Philippe Starck
    for Kartell
  3. 1_small527 darwin 22.jpg.jpg
    Darwin 527
    From 722.00 CHF Regular Price 759.00 CHF
    2 seater sofa. Varnished steel frame.
    Lucidi / Pevere
    Design by Lucidi / Pevere
    for EMU
    Bellevie 8445
    From 2,138.00 CHF
    Sofa with an aluminium frame and base. Acrylic cushion.
    Design by Pagnon Pelhaître
    for Fermob
  5. 1_531-23-57-700x700.jpg
    Yard 531
    From 879.00 CHF Regular Price 925.00 CHF
    2 seater sofa with a varnished aluminium frame. Elastic strap seat.
    Stefan Diez
    Design by Stefan Diez
    for EMU
  6. 1_731+C_729-23-200_92-C_729-900_62.JPG
    Terramare 731
    From 1,824.00 CHF Regular Price 1,920.00 CHF
    3 seater sofa with a varnished aluminium frame. Eco-leather armrests. Cushions sold separately (3x code C/729).
    Design by Chiaramonte / Marin
    for EMU
  7. 1_small260 shine 41.jpg.jpg
    Shine 260
    From 932.00 CHF Regular Price 981.00 CHF
    2 seater sofa in varnished aluminium. Teak armrests.
    Design by Arik Levy
    for EMU
  8. 1_586 Ivy bianco.jpg
    Ivy 586
    From 2,906.00 CHF Regular Price 3,060.00 CHF
    Braided steel sofa, with armrests.
    Paola Navone
    Design by Paola Navone
    for EMU
  9. 1_landscape-pavillion-breeze-2.jpg
    From 17,548.00 CHF
    Flag, composition according to requests, customization of finishes, colors, materials, dimensions according to project.
    Basic target price.
  10. 1_Terramare2posti_cC9Cn3o_770x655.jpg
    Terramare 730
    From 1,393.00 CHF Regular Price 1,467.00 CHF
    Canapé à 2 places. Structure : aluminium vernis. Accoudoirs: éco-cuir. Coussins vendus séparément. (2x code C/729)
    Design by Chiaramonte / Marin
    for EMU
  11. 1_35.jpg
    Plus Air 636
    From 514.00 CHF
    Polyethylene sofa with armrests. The white and red versions are suitable for outdoor use.
    Alessandro Busana
    Design by Alessandro Busana
    for Pedrali

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