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  1. 1_04_noir-removebg-preview.jpg
    Steering Compass Table
    From  2,596.50 CHF Regular Price  2,885.00 CHF
    Table with solid wood top. Legs in folded sheet steel, epoxy finish (smooth).
    Design by Jean Prouvé
    for Vitra
  2. 1_USM_0023281_1024x1024@2x.jpg
    Meuble de rangement QS_M58
    From  2,154.00 CHF
    Chromed steel storage cabinet.
  3. 1_USM_DE_QS_M63_Front_Green.jpg
    Caisson QS_M63
    From  1,527.00 CHF
    Chromed steel pedestal with three drawers and 2 Inos bins with inserts, counterweight included with casters.
  4. 1_USM_DE_QS_M57_Front_Matte_Silver.jpg
    Meuble de rangement QS_M57
    From  1,722.00 CHF
    Chromium-plated steel storage unit with 2 folding doors and 2 terracotta or basalt pots (plants and substrate are not included).
  5. 1_rouge rubis_1.jpg
    Rolling case with angled handle
  6. 1_anthracite_1.jpg
    Meuble multimedia QS_M61
    From  2,138.00 CHF
    Multimedia cabinet with two hinged doors, an intermediate shelf and a cable duct, dimmable lighting.
  7. 1_jaune doré_1.jpg
    Side table QS_M54
    From  762.00 CHF
    Bedside table with a folding door.
  8. 1_USM_DE_QS_M56_Front_Anthracite.jpg
    Meuble de rangement QS_M56
    From  1,376.00 CHF
    Chromed steel storage cabinet, perforated metal panels supplied with 3 terracotta or basalt pots (plants and substrate not included).
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