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  1. 1_image (1).jpg
    Natural oak desk with black metal legs.
  2. 1_CH_QS_T59_02.jpg
    Table 150
    From 951.00 CHF
  3. 1_Montana_QS_HL2_G160_Micro Laminate_Snow_frame Aluminium_perspective.jpg
    HiLow 2
    From 1,861.00 CHF
    Work table, height adjustable, T-frame. Powder-coated steel base.
  4. 1_b_hub-office-workstation-fanTONI.jpg
    From 4,185.00 CHF
    Operational desktop system.
    Price from: for composition according to the first image (indicative).
    Design by Matteo Ragni
    for Fantoni
  5. 1_quaranta5_p32.jpg
    From 6,499.00 CHF
    A particular solution designed for a large multinational company becomes a serial product. This storage unit facilitates the exchange of information, preserves privacy and optimizes the space available.
    Price from: composition according to first image, 4 benchs with separators (indicative).
  6. 1_CH_QS_T69_06.jpg
    Table 175
    From 1,050.00 CHF
  7. 1_t_up_desk_hero.jpg
    From 336.00 CHF
    T_up is a wide range of modular office furniture offering multiple customised design solutions. Its wide choice of platforms, structures, connecting elements and extensions makes T_up workspaces adaptable, efficient and functional.
  8. 1_tem_prime_Bench_320x160_K71_Hi-Res TIF_9141.jpg
    Temptation prime
    From 988.00 CHF
    Work table.
    Design by Andreas Struppler
    for Sedus
  9. 1_tem_high_120_A14_K71_Hi-Res TIF_12199.jpg
    Temptation high desk
    From 1,662.00 CHF
    High work table.
    Design by Sedus Design Team
    for Sedus
  10. 1_tem_Titel_Hi-Res TIF_9130.jpg
    Temptation four
    From 539.00 CHF
    Multifunctional work table.
    Design by Andreas Struppler
    for Sedus
  11. 1_CH_QS_T6_02.jpg
    Kitos M table
    From 2,638.00 CHF
    Rectangular table mechanically adjustable in height.
  12. 1_SL-Big-Irony-Desk-806x806@2x.jpg
    Big Irony Desk 160x75 cm
    From 1,459.00 CHF
    Desk with a double-walled base and a cut and curved natural steel sheet tabletop. Treated with a black phosphate coating.
    Maurizio Peregalli
    Design by Maurizio Peregalli
    for Zeus

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