Versatile, customisable, durable.

USM is a Swiss family-owned furniture company with a global presence. Its signature USM Haller system has been in production for over a century. Today, USM has become a symbol of adaptability, durability and timeless style.

  1. 1_CH_QS_E2_35.jpg
    From  2,105.00 CHF
    Sideboard with four folding doors.
  2. 1_CH_QS_T59_02.jpg
    Table 150
    From  970.00 CHF
  3. 1_CH_QS_M37.22.jpg
    From  1,523.00 CHF
    Sideboard with two folding doors.
  4. 1_Etagere_07_USM_Haller_06.jpg
    Shelf 07
    From  3,644.00 CHF
    Shelf 07, 2 x 5 modules of 75 cm. With two sliding doors and two hinged doors. With wall hanging system.
  5. 1_CH_QS_B21.23.jpg
    Homeoffice 07
    From  1,238.00 CHF
  6. 1_USM_Meubles_multimedia_sur_roulettes_02.jpg
    Multimedia furniture
    From  1,157.00 CHF
    Multimedia furniture on castors with brakes and 2 flap doors.
  7. 1_Table_de_chevet_avec_tiroir_A6_04.jpg
    Bedside table
    From  711.00 CHF
    Bedside table with drawer A6.
  8. 1_Credence_01_USM_03.jpg
    Credenza 01
    From  1,930.00 CHF
    Sideboard 01, 2-high, with 4 flap doors.
  9. 1_CH_QS_H1_25.jpg
    From  1,454.00 CHF
    Shelf with wall anchor included.
  10. 1_CH_QS_M27.27.jpg
    From  793.00 CHF
  11. 1_CH_QS_M29.25.jpg
    From  960.00 CHF
    Sideboard with flap door.
    Design by Produit inexistant
    for USM
  12. 1_CH_QS_O2_23.jpg
    From  1,370.00 CHF
    Sideboard with two folding doors.

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