Swiss nade since 1904.

The product and solution range of Bigla Office convinces with high-quality table and storage systems as well as well as full room concepts for modern office and working worlds.

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  1. 1_mybox-avec-table-rabattable-fermee2.jpg
    From  750.00 CHF
    The personal all-rounder box - individual configuration, storage space and service.
    Design by Bigla Team
    for Bigla
  2. 1_korpus2.jpg
    Corps de bureau2
    From  750.00 CHF
    Range of office bodies, high quality metal construction, robust, durable.
  3. 1_image (18).jpg
    Teta composition 198
    From  3,836.00 CHF
    Combinaison cuivre/patina.
    Composition : Composé de: 1x module basique 100x38x4 HdC, cuivre 1x module additionnel 100x38x 4 HdC, cuivre 2x Couvercle 100x38, cuivre 4x Etagère 100x38, cuivre 2x Base 100x38, cuivre 1x Volet 100x38 sans serrure Volet en patina, Étagère du volet en cuivre 1x Volet 100x38 avec serrure Lehmann, Volet en patina, Étagère du volet en cuivre 2x Coté extérieur 38x1 HdC, patina 2x Dos 100x1 HdC, patina.
  4. 1_bmsystem_2.jpg
    From  438.00 CHF
    Modular storage system.
    Price from: for standard module L80cm without back.
    Design by Bürki et Bigla Team
    for Bigla

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