Swiss nade since 1904.

The product and solution range of Bigla Office convinces with high-quality table and storage systems as well as well as full room concepts for modern office and working worlds.

  1. 1_image (18).jpg
    Teta composition 198
    From  3,836.00 CHF
    Copper/patina combination.
    Composition: Composed of: 1x basic module 100x38x4 HdC, copper 1x additional module 100x38x 4 HdC, copper 2x Cover 100x38, copper 4x Shelf 100x38, copper 2x Base 100x38, copper 1x Shutter 100x38 without lock Shutter in patina, Shutter shelf in copper 1x Shutter 100x38 with Lehmann lock, Shutter in patina, Shutter shelf in copper 2x Outer side 38x1 HdC, patina 2x Back 100x1 HdC, patina.
  2. 1_Table move3.jpg
    Table Move3
    From  743.00 CHF
    A classic 4-legged table that flatters the eye with its elegance and sobriety.
    Design by Bigla Team
    for Bigla
  3. 1_lean-normal-b.jpg
    Table Lean
    From  1,202.00 CHF
    Work table with 4mm compact laminate top. Table length up to 280 cm.
    Design by Richard Wassmann
    for Bigla
  4. 1_mybox-avec-table-rabattable-fermee2.jpg
    From  693.00 CHF
    The personal all-rounder box - individual configuration, storage space and service.
    Design by Bigla Team
    for Bigla
  5. 1_korpus2.jpg
    Corps de bureau2
    From  725.00 CHF
    Range of office bodies, high quality metal construction, robust, durable.
  6. 1_bst2_stromlos_weiss_mit_laptop Copie.jpg
    Table BST2 Sit-stand up
    From  1,953.00 CHF
    Ergonomic work guaranteed - with this ergonomic pro, electrically or manually height adjustable.
    Design by Bigla Team
    for Bigla
  7. 1_bmsystem_2.jpg
    From  405.00 CHF
    Modular storage system.
    Price from: for standard module L80cm without back.
    Design by Bürki et Bigla Team
    for Bigla
  8. 1_bigla_.jpg
    BRS Bigla
    From  436.00 CHF
    System of shelves fitted in a top-of-the-range metal construction.
    Price from: for a module L100xH201cm with 4 shelves without accessories.
    Design by Andreas Bürki
    for Bigla

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