Iconi Danish design.

Louis Poulsen collaborates with the most visionary architects and designers of our times. This elegant and high quality collection has been illuminating Danish and interiors worldwide for over 70 years.



  1. 1_90403-5-2-01-AJ Wall17-White.jpg
    AJ wall fixture
    From 770.00 CHF
    In stock
    Steel wall lamp.
  2. 1_90145-5-2-01-PH Artichoke White.jpg
    PH Artichoke
    From 9,638.00 CHF
    In stock
    Suspension lamp in brushed and varnished copper or stainless steel.
  3. 1_91418-5-2-01-PH 21 Table Chrome.jpg
    PH 2/1 Table lamp
    From 805.00 CHF
    Table lamp in white opalised glass, with a chrome-plated structure, and high-gloss finish.
  4. 1_9843_9843_ph-5-huesofblue-13-2-5-90293.jpg
    PH 5
    From 919.00 CHF
    Suspension an aluminum mat.
  5. 1_90771-5-2-01-PH 35-25 Floor.jpg
    PH 3½-2½ Floor lamp
    From 1,770.00 CHF
    Standing lamp with a white glass shade.
  6. 1_23904_23904_Panthella-Portable-White-01-2-5-91771.jpg
    Panthella Portable
    From 240.00 CHF
    Acrylic table lamp. Aluminium base.
  7. 1_90721-5-2-01A-Moser.jpg
    From 457.00 CHF
    Suspension lamp in matte white, opalised blown glass.
    Design by Anu Moser
    for Louis Poulsen
  8. 1_3_PH-3-grøn.jpg.jpg.jpg
    PH 3½-3 Suspension lamp
    From 1,090.00 CHF
    Suspension lamp with a drawn aluminium shade. Brown support stand that with a silky, matte, and copper-toned finish.
  9. 1_big90328-5-2-08-aj floor17-rustyred.jpg.jpg
    AJ floor lamp
    From 1,124.00 CHF
    Steel floor lamp.
  10. 1_90388-5-2-01-PH 2-3 Wall.jpg
    PH 3-2½ Outdoor
    From 1,204.00 CHF
    Stainless steel in-ground lamp.
  11. 1_13_Patera.jpg.jpg.jpg
    Patera 60
    From 1,575.00 CHF
    Suspension lamp in matte white PVC.
  12. 1__02.jpg
    PH Snowball
    From 2,602.00 CHF
    Suspension lamp in white aluminium.

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