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  1. 1_20000052gh_14_f.jpg
    Bubble Club 6070
    From 591.00 CHF Regular Price 657.00 CHF
    In stock
    Armchair in batch-dyed polyethylene.
    Philippe Starck
    Design by Philippe Starck
    for Kartell
  2. 1_001.jpg
    Ara 316
    From 128.00 CHF
    In stock
    Polypropylene lounge chair with armrests.
  3. 1_20000158dt_14_f.jpg
    Clap 4182
    From 569.00 CHF Regular Price 632.00 CHF
    In stock
    Chair covered in a honeycomb fabric, and a highly resistant plastic frame.
    Patricia Urquiola
    Design by Patricia Urquiola
    for Kartell
  4. 1_PLUS_630_GA.jpg
    Plus 630
    From 107.00 CHF
    In stock
    Polypropylene armchair, matte finish. For indoor or outdoor use, stackable by 2.
    Alessandro Busana
    Design by Alessandro Busana
    for Pedrali
  5. 1_COMBACK_new colors_group Copie.jpg
    Comback rocking chair
    From 619.00 CHF Regular Price 688.00 CHF
    In stock
    Rocker chair with a batch-dyed thermoplastic technopolymer seat, and stained ashwood or oak frame.
    Patricia Urquiola
    Design by Patricia Urquiola
    for Kartell
  6. 1_602846_era_lounge_chair_low_oak_fame_68143_1.jpg
    Era Lounge Chair Low Oak
    From 1,356.00 CHF
    Upholstered armchair with a 4-legged oak base.
  7. 1_Era Lounge Chair Low.jpg
    Armchair with black oak base and upholstered shell.
  8. 1_602852_era_lounge_chair_low_steel_black_cityvelvet_77_1.jpg
    Upholstered armchair with a 4-legged, lacquered steel base.
  9. 1_602864_era_lounge_chair_high_oak_fame_60003.jpg
    Era Lounge Chair High Oak
    From 1,445.00 CHF
    Upholstered armchair with a high back and 4-legged oak base.
  10. 1_602856_Era_Lounge_Chair_Low_Swivel_Alu_Cityvelvet_180_1.jpg
    Upholstered armchair with a star-shaped swivel base in aluminium.
  11. 1_602849_era_lounge_chair_low_walnut_fame_64169_1.jpg
    Armchair with a walnut base and upholstered shell.
  12. 1_602845_era_lounge_chair_low_chrome_tango_41599_1.jpg
    Upholstered armchair with a 4-legged, chrome-plated steel base.

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