80 years of know-how.

The concept box combines respect for traditional HI-FI with the design of "all-in-one" products adapted to digitalized sound technologies (wireless systems, smartphones, tablets, computers). Quality and innovative products whose performance is at the service of a simplified use, adapted to contemporary lifestyles and environments.

  1. 1_lx-supakitch-vignette-1-600x400.jpg
    All-in-one loudspeaker. MDF and plywood cabinet. Solid aluminum control panel.
  2. 1_image (2).jpg
    From 1,317.00 CHF
    Coffee table bluetooth in cube. Buttons and speaker in solid aluminum.
  3. 1_lx-platine-1.jpg
    LX Turntable
    From 4,372.00 CHF
    All-in-one loudspeaker. Wooden cabinet, aluminum control panel.
  4. 1_LX_Noyer-1.jpg
    From 3,509.00 CHF
    All-in-one loudspeaker. Wooden cabinet, aluminum control panel.
  5. 1_PR/01.jpg
    From 1,057.00 CHF
    Acoustic bookshelf speaker. Walnut plywood drawer and solid aluminum control knob.
  6. AP160
    From 3,809.00 CHF
    All-in-one bass speaker.
  7. 1_good_vibes_only_la_boite_concept_2.jpg
    Anti-vibration panel for turntable with spring sets.
  8. 5_lx-shelf-crop-scaled.jpg
    Vynil shelf in matte black plywood.
  9. 1_876549990000 (1).jpg
    Turntable belt for LX turntable only.
  10. 1_ortofon-om-10-super-phono-cartridge_main_1.jpg
    Spare needle for vinyl turntable.
  11. 1_preampli-phono-pro-ject-phono-box-mm (1).jpg
    Pro-Ject Phono Box MM preamplifier for non preamplified turntables.
  12. 1_nativeunion-drop-03-co-lowres.jpg
    Wireless charger for compatible smartphones.

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