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80 years of know-how.

The concept box combines respect for traditional HI-FI with the design of "all-in-one" products adapted to digitalized sound technologies (wireless systems, smartphones, tablets, computers). Quality and innovative products whose performance is at the service of a simplified use, adapted to contemporary lifestyles and environments.

  1. 1_image (2).jpg
    From  1,250.00 CHF
    In stock
    Speaker bluetooth cube. Buttons and speaker in solid aluminum.
  2. 1_LX_Noyer-1.jpg
    From  3,255.00 CHF
    In stock
    All-in-one loudspeaker. Wooden cabinet, aluminum control panel. High performance audio system.
  3. 1_PR/01.jpg
    From  988.00 CHF
    In stock
    Walnut plywood drawer and solid aluminum control knob. High performance audio system.
  4. 1_lx-platine-1.jpg
    LX Turntable
    From  4,126.00 CHF
    All-in-one loudspeaker. Wooden cabinet, aluminum control panel. High quality music.
  5. 1_variante-15-1500x1000.jpg_1.jpg
    Set of 3 leather accessories, for the acoustic lines cabinet.
  6. 1_image-removebg-preview.jpg
    Turntable square
    From  816.00 CHF
    Minimalist turntable. Radically uncluttered. Radically vibration-free.
  7. 1_lines-chene-seul-removebg-preview.jpg
    From  1,474.00 CHF
    Acoustic and modular. Adapted to all types of listening, to the variety of your material but also to your space. To be arranged vertically or horizontally. To compose infinitely.
  8. 1_lx-supakitch-vignette-1-600x400.jpg
    All-in-one loudspeaker. MDF and plywood cabinet. Solid aluminum control panel. High performance audio system. Supakitch edition with black leather.
  9. 1_LT-La-Boite-Concept-Vinyle-shelf-LX-2176x1088px.jpg
    Vinyl rack for LX
     258.00 CHF
    Vinyl rack for LX in matt black plywood.
  10. 1_ap.jpg
    From  3,436.00 CHF
    All-in-one bass speaker. High performance audio system.

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