Lexington: A (r)evolution in the world of storage systems

Lexington is an innovative vertical storage solution, designed to adapt perfectly to modern interior design needs. Available in two configurations - wall or ceiling - it offers unique versatility, including the option of creating double-sided compositions, finished on both sides for an aesthetic and functional look.

This system is distinguished by its shelves, drawer units and wide range of fittings, identical to those in the Senzafine system, which can be fixed to the uprights in a choice of champagne or slate finish. These details add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any contemporary interior.

The open system version is particularly remarkable for its flexibility. It allows almost infinite customisation in terms of dimensions, environments of use and finishes. This adaptability makes Lexington a preferred choice for those looking to integrate their storage systems harmoniously into different areas of their home.

We are witnessing a real evolution in the world of storage systems. The aim is clear: total, seamless integration between different rooms in the home. This system not only meets practical storage requirements, but does so with refined aesthetics, marking an important step in the evolution of interior design.


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Lexington de Poliform

une (r)évolution dans le monde des systèmes de rangement