Milan Design Week 2024 : What's new at Muuto

During Milan Design Week, from 16 to 20 April 2024, Muuto captivated visitors with its new exhibition in its new Milan flat, located in Brera, right in the heart of Milan's artistic district. This year's event explored how art, architecture, design and nature converge to transform living spaces into places that are both stimulating and soothing, thanks in part to colour.

An inspiring atmosphere

On entering the flat, you were immediately plunged into a world where well-being blends harmoniously with artistic expression. The six meticulously furnished rooms offered a renewed vision of the Muuto home, each reflecting a universe of colours, lights and materials designed to interact with the brand's new products. These spaces were designed to encourage reflection on what it really means to 'feel at home' in a contemporary context.


Muuto's outstanding innovations

For this edition of Design Week, Muuto presented several noteworthy innovations, fusing functionality with sleek Scandinavian aesthetics:


Set Table Lamp

With its minimalist design and ability to create a welcoming atmosphere, this lamp is the epitome of aesthetic functionality. Its soft light is ideal for creating a serene workspace or cosy reading corner.


Stacked - New Brown Green colour

The Stacked storage system, highly appreciated for its flexibility and modern aesthetic, is now available in a new colour that evokes the earth and nature, reinforcing the link with natural elements in interior design. 


New Connect modules

This innovative modular sofa allows for flexible configurations (and convex and concave shapes), both encouraging social interaction and offering private retreat spaces, suitable for both work environments and contemporary homes.


Earnest Extendable Table

This extendable table is a marvel of flexibility, combining elegance and practicality to suit all kinds of situations, from an intimate dinner party to a large family gathering.


Commitment to sustainability

In addition to their avant-garde design, Muuto has highlighted their commitment to sustainability. Every product, from lamps to tables, uses materials chosen for their low environmental impact and longevity, demonstrating the brand's commitment to responsible, environmentally-friendly practices.



The exhibition at the Muuto flat not only reinforced the brand's position as a leader in Scandinavian design, but also demonstrated its commitment to constant innovation in the design of products that significantly shape the way we live. Milan Design Week 2024 was an exceptional opportunity to see how Muuto redefines modern comfort through the prism of Nordic design, making every daily interaction with their products unique and memorable.