Artigus, St-Sulpice

At Batiplus, transforming workspaces to inspire creativity and efficiency is at the heart of our mission. Our recent collaboration with Artigus is testament to this ambition. Marie Charbon, our talented interior designer, transformed an empty plateau into a functional and aesthetically pleasing workplace for the management and staff of our client Artigus.

Marie designed four distinct areas to suit Artigus' diverse needs: a meeting room, two executive offices, a welcoming entrance and a large open-plan office, combining comfort and practicality. 

For the workstations, '+motion' sit/stand desks and Sedus se:flex chairs with high backrests were chosen for their ergonomic elegance. Hund storage units and ICF conference furniture complete the ensemble, facilitating exchange and collaboration.

Chairs and stools from the A.I collection by Philippe Starck for Kartell offer flexible options for informal interaction. To facilitate communication and creativity, Lintex whiteboards have been integrated into each space, allowing the Artigus team to share ideas visually and interactively.

The white and grey décor, with touches of pastel green, creates a bright and soothing atmosphere, while the presence of wood adds an essential warm touch. 

This transformation, carried out entirely by Batiplus for Artigus, reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in interior design. It enriches the daily lives of Artigus employees, demonstrating that well-designed spaces are crucial to business success. 

We are all very proud of this achievement and look forward to seeing how Marie inspires our future projects and collaborations.

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