Milan Design Week 2024 : What's new at Nanimarquina

Our visit to the Nanimarquina stand at this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan was particularly rewarding. We had the opportunity to discover the latest innovations from the brand, which continues to push the boundaries of contemporary rug design.

This year, Nanimarquina launched four exciting collections that reflect its ongoing commitment to innovation and quality design :


Pearls by Sabine Finkenauer

This collection stands out for its bold patterns and soft textures, inspired by the organic shape of pearls. Each rug is designed to bring a touch of sophistication and natural elegance to any space.

Colorado by Inga Sempé

With a focus on colour contrasts and geometric patterns, this collection brings a contemporary freshness to the tradition of handmade rugs. Inga Sempé plays with optical illusions and textures to create pieces that are both artistic and functional.

Wabisabi by Nani Marquina

Directly inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which finds beauty in imperfection, Nani Marquina explores irregular textures and unconventional materials. This collection celebrates authenticity and simplicity, inviting calm and contemplation.


Chillida by Eduardo Chillida

Paying homage to the artist Eduardo Chillida, this series incorporates elements of his famous sculptures and engravings. The rugs in this collection embody strength and movement, bringing monumental art into the intimate setting of the home.


These new additions not only offer a diversity of styles and palettes to suit different interiors, but also represent an ethical and sustainable choice. Each acquisition supports traditional craftsmanship and contributes to significant social initiatives.

In short, Nanimarquina's new products for 2024 are more than just an expansion of their catalogue; they represent a step forward in the design of rugs that enrich and embellish our living spaces while respecting ethical and environmental values. 

Our experience at the Salone del Mobile reinforced our admiration for a brand that continues to innovate while preserving the cultural heritage of carpet-making.