&Tradition Outdoor : New Ville collection

The new outdoor collection Ville by &Tradition, designed by the Anderssen & Voll design studio, draws its inspiration from simplicity and harmony of forms. Guided by the concept of vertical stacking, the designers have created elegant and functional pieces, perfectly suited to the contemporary outdoor environment.

The genesis of the collection is based on an initial sketch, where a graceful curve stands out from a rigid steel base. This central idea then gave rise to a chair, an armchair, a bench, and a table, each embodying the balance between fluid lines and solid materials.

Anderssen & Voll have adopted a rigorous approach in the development of the collection, preferring to create full-scale prototypes from the early stages of the process. This method allows them to fully understand each design in its real environment and to perfect every detail over time.

The materials used in the Ville collection reflect both natural beauty and durability. The steel structures are available in warm tones like black and bronze green, blending harmoniously with their outdoor environment. Teak, chosen for its robustness and ability to age gracefully, covers the tabletops and benches, adding an organic touch to the ensemble.

A celebration of nature and materiality, Anderssen & Voll's outdoor collection Ville embraces alfresco living with a combination of solidity and softness. Chosen for its comfort and ability to adapt to body temperature, the Ville side chair’s back and seat are crafted from polyester webbing. Intuitively designed to suit the precise needs of hospitality settings or during the colder months at home locations, the Ville side chair stacks in multiples of up to 8 pieces.

The Ville collection offers a diverse range of designs, from comfortable chairs to sleek tables, allowing for great flexibility in outdoor space planning. Each piece is designed to combine functionality and aesthetics, creating a welcoming and refined outdoor environment in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.


Discover it online and in our Puidoux showroom from March 22nd.

Ville par Anderssen & Voll

Outdoor Collection