Press review: Urs Lüscher talks about developments and prospects in the furniture sector

To mark the 10th anniversary of our showroom in Puidoux, Urs Lüscher, the real ‘Swiss Army knife’ of Batiplus, offers us his thoughts on how the furniture market has changed over the last 30 years. This expert, the son of a furniture maker who has been immersed in this world for as long as he can remember, was interviewed by Patricia Lunghi for Espaces Contemporains magazine.

The interview covers crucial topics such as the impact of changing lifestyles on interior design and the challenges and opportunities facing retailers in the current and future context. Urs also shares his perspectives on how the younger generation think about furniture and the design of their spaces.

Here's one of his thoughts from the interview: ‘The trend is for homes to become smaller, which leads us to offer more flexible solutions with multifunctional furniture’.

Read the full interview in the latest issue of Espaces Contemporains. Don't miss it!