Aubert Architectes, Lausanne

We are delighted to announce our recent collaboration with Aubert Architectes to fit out their new offices on the Boulevard de Grancy in Lausanne. The aim of this ambitious project was to create a working environment that was both modern and functional, adapted to the specific needs of the entire team.

The core of our assignment was to install two sophisticated acoustic booths, allowing discussions or telephone calls to take place without disturbing the rest of the workspace. We equipped the workspaces with sit-stand desks, giving each employee the freedom to choose a working position that is optimal for their comfort and health.

The most striking aspect of this project was undoubtedly the bespoke joinery work carried out to effectively separate the different areas. These partitions, while aesthetically pleasing, maximise the use of each area while ensuring the tranquillity necessary for optimum concentration. 

Thanks to this intelligent reorganisation, the Aubert Architectes team can now enjoy a workspace that encourages creativity and serenity.