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  1. 1_28-04-2021_JB_4104314009000_m1_1.jpg
    PC portable
    From  102.00 CHF
    Dimmable table lamp with injection-moulded ABS body, with translucent PP diffuser. Shade in opaque injection-moulded ABS for lamps.
    Pierre Charpin
    Design by Pierre Charpin
    for HAY
  2. 1_tab-table-barber-osgerby-flos-F6563014-product-still-life-big.jpg
    Tab T
    From  332.00 CHF Regular Price  396.00 CHF
    Table lamp. Body in painted cast aluminum. Multi-led board with PMMA diffuser specially designed to avoid Multi Shadow effect and glare. Head rotation of ±45°. LED included.
  3. 1_Bump-petrolio_W.jpg
    From  320.00 CHF
    Hanging lamp with shade in PMMA or molded ABS.
  4. 1_20180720154643-33d92884-xl.jpg
    Aplomb LED
    From  387.00 CHF
    Concrete LED suspension lamp. 2 m cable.
    Lucidi / Pevere
    Design by Lucidi / Pevere
    for Foscarini
  5. 1_20160823163250-79844fe1-xl.jpg
    Aplomb large
    From  636.00 CHF
    LED suspension lamp made from cement, aluminium and polycarbonate. LED included.
    Lucidi / Pevere
    Design by Lucidi / Pevere
    for Foscarini
  6. 1_2781089_Petite Potence Deep Black - light on_F_master.jpg
    Small Potence
    From  949.00 CHF Regular Price  999.00 CHF
    Epoxy finish tubular steel wall light, wired dimmer, 1bulb included.
    Design by Jean Prouvé
    for Vitra
  7. 1_BINIC_still_Verde.jpg
    Binic 200001
    From  154.00 CHF
    Table lamp in moulded ABS and polycarbonate.
    Ionna Vautrin
    Design by Ionna Vautrin
    for Foscarini
  8. 1_9367213009000_Slant khaki green.jpg
    From  307.00 CHF
    Table lamp with shade. Structure in cast aluminium.
    Design by Branch
    for HAY
  9. 1_2030_SPOKES_tonda_bianca.jpg
    Spokes 2
    From  1,084.00 CHF
    LED hanging lamp with aluminum structure and painted steel. Bulb included.
    Design by Garcia Cumini
    for Foscarini
  10. 1_twi360_front_alu_f.jpg
    Twilight 360 aluminium
    From  2,165.00 CHF
    LED-Straßenleuchte aus Stahl mit schwarzem Netzkabel. Aluminium-Finish.
  11. 1_Palomar_color.jpg
    From  623.00 CHF
    Lamp on foot in ABS, PMMA and painted metal.
  12. 1_2381_lumiere_xx_table_grey-aluminium.jpeg
    Lumiere XXL 191001HORS
    From  1,006.00 CHF
    Table lamp, structure in painted aluminium, diffuser in blown glass. Bulbs not included.
    Rodolfo Dordoni
    Design by Rodolfo Dordoni
    for Foscarini

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